through a glass darkly 2013

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penny’s painting journey continues, chapter

through a glass darkly

for me, so much of my practice this year has been about that glass. through the car

window, through the coffee shop windows, storefront panes, buses and cars, glimmers

of occupants, rain on the windshield, headlights and  rain, taillights burning the eyes,

distorting the lens. looking both through the glass and encased in glass. as if to say

this much i see but this much i see as if through a glass darkly. the profound imperfect

knowing which would seem to constitute our human existence.  FRAGILE :  GLASS -

those words on the box forcing a slow and careful opening, lest there is breakage, and

yet there is always breakage, coming closer to the meaning, which then slips from

view, now needing a language for the paint  (the  wondrous paint) to express

something more visually indistinct and emotionally ineffable.

penny eisenberg - November 2013