with rythms of rain (2015)

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painters statement

....with rhythms of rain


somewhere between the wipers and the world coloured windows melt, drip

into metal boxed lights shining and rain is hitting the ground spraying up a

reverie of memory of other drives and wheels going round other streets

before i knew you were gone.

i want the oily viscous paint to represent all i cannot say to you on tuesdays,

and once dreams never said at all - and more than that it’s paint patience or

no patience and how does the new grey look between the youth of once and

now. and when i came back, orphaned, wet, and wondering, curling around the

house and up the wall, how could i not paint inside where i rest and eat and

read, and once heard your voice, and sometimes still.

inside and the rain, tears and years, respite and warm offering mixing

metaphor - she reigns, you soothe - how could a precise phraseology of

meaning of what i do and feel compete or complete my love of paint and

painting, and my longing to share it with you, of everything you give me, you

give me more to give.

penny eisenberg 2015