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various writings from past and present about my painting practice, some specific

works, art in general and perhaps some short works of fiction. more will be added to

the collection as time permits.

some thoughts because (2019)

painting intimate (2018)

a few thoughts (2017)

some thoughts in the meantime (2017)

brush with time (2017)

some thoughts on becoming a painter person (2016)

with rhythms of rain (2015)

through a glass darkly (2013)

display: on the so muchness of the world (2012)

bio statement (2012)

thanksgiving morning: for Hopper (2011)

tangle: in praise of chaos and light (2009)

tangled romantic: artist's statement (2008)

trout romantic: artist’s statement (2007)

21 belly thoughts (2002)

credendum: flux density without denouement (2001)

curriculum vitae